The Boosted Mini – The New Smaller, Cheaper Sidewalk Surfer

Californian motorised skateboard manufacturer Boosted launched their groundbreaking electric skateboard a little over six years ago, and, with some thanks to vlogger extraordinaire Casey Neistat, shot to fame overnight. With a huge number of dedicated fans getting on board (heh), their new concept showed that electric skateboards are here to stay, and also proved that they are actually a viable transport option for those who live in the city.

boosted mini electric skateboards

While, in 2011, electric skateboards were by no means a new concept, Boosted were a cut above the rest in terms of build quality, ease of use and range between charges. Their follow-up model, the Boosted Board 2, saw some minor improvements: an increase in the battery’s range, Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with a smartphone, and water resistance, but, in essence, these have been great boards since day dot.

There have always been two achingly obvious downsides, however: size, and cost. Until Now.

Much closer in length to a regular skateboard, and starting at just US$859, the Boosted Mini sets out to fix both the problems of the Boosted Board being too cumbersome to schlep when its not being ridden, and its expensive price tag (a full-size Boosted Board starts at US$1,499).

Casey Neistat has long been a fan of the boards, saying: “There are electric skateboards and then there are Boosted Boards. And there’s a reason that Boosted Boards command such a premium–these things are unf*ckingbelievable”.

women playing boosted mini skateboards

While the Boosted Mini does lose between two and four miles per hour in top speed, it’s essentially identical to its older cousin, and for around half the price, hard to see it not being a massive overnight hit, just as the first offerings from the company were.

If you’re au fait with the concept of getting around your metropolis on a plank, but haven’t yet made the move to a powered platform, then the Boosted Mini might just be exactly what you need to start flying down the footpath without needing to push anything more than a button.

Check it out

 boosted mini skateboards wheel

 boosted mini skateboards water resistance

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