Velox Takes the Shredding Off-Road with Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards for the urban setting are cool enough, but sometimes the backcountry beckons, and you need the right skateboard to take on the rugged terrain. Velox’s electric skateboards are ready for that off-road experience you’re looking for.

velox sleek electric skareboard

Velox’s skateboards come in two styles, the SX-5 and the XC-6, each of which is available in either a Stealth or Sleek model. Both have a 6061-T6-Extruded chassis that weighs roughly 68 pounds. That’s pretty heavy compared to traditional skateboards, but that heft translates into increased durability. Both also feature regenerative electrical resistance braking, which provides safer stops and helps charge the battery.

velox electric skateboard

If you’re looking for a board that might be a bit more compact but is also plenty agile and capable of handling rough terrain, you’ll want to check out the SX-5. This board features four censored, high torque brushless hub motors in 9-inch tubeless off-road tires. A set of nitrogen-charged adjustable coil pre-load shocks help smooth out the ride.

Velox off road electric skateboard

If your ambitions take you a bit more off-road into even more treacherous landscape, The XC-6 comes with independent suspension and 10-inch off-road tyres. Its 18-mile range comes courtesy of a 12s8p 48V lithium-ion battery, and it can reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour.

The boards come with bindings, though if you’re not experienced you may want to get familiar you’re your board and how it handles before you strap yourself in. A hand unit controls the board, with your thumb pressing forward to move and backward to brake. Velox recommends riding with safety equipment and starting out with the board in learning mode.

You can get the most range out of your board by setting it in fast mode and only throttling up to 30 to 50 per cent (around 15 miles per hour). Then it’s just a matter of maintaining that speed. The boards start at USD$2595.

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