Waterborne Shred Sled Brings Surfing on Land

Surfing and skateboarding a closely related. Both feature boards and extreme rides, but there are still major differences. Aside from the obvious difference of where each takes place, there’s also the ability to cut and turn sharply as well as taking on banks and inclines. While surfboards have always allowed for such movements, skateboarding has been more limited due to the limitations of trucks and wheels. The Surf Adapter by Waterborne Skateboards is bridging that gap, turning your skateboard into a shred sled.

waterborne shred sled surfing

The Surf Adapter is a coupling that is installed between your board’s deck and front truck. The adapter’s increased deck articulation and increased grip allow for greater angles and tighter radiuses, adding in the ability to pump, carve, and control slides just like you would on a surfboard. With the adapter, your board can take turns three times tighter and will have an improved flow.

shred sled wheel

The Waterborne Surf Adapter will get you the closest you could possibly get to surfing with your skateboard.

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