A surfer riding a wave near shore

2019 Nikon Surf Photo of the Year Finalists

Whether you’re a photographer, surfer or just like cool shit – the 2019 Nikon Surf Photo of the Year Comp will have something to tickle your fancy. Many of us have an indescribable pull towards the big blue splash pool, but there’s no doubt that the following photographers have got the bug a little more than everyone else. Like a pisshead to the pub, these shutterbugs probably spend more time submerged in salt water than they do with their family. As heartbreaking as this image is, push the thought aside and look at the results before you worry about little Timmy’s relationship with his father.

The Nikon Surf Photo Comp is a cracking opportunity for budding surf videographers and photographers alike to have their name and work celebrated. Alongside Surfing Australia, Nikon brought together a panel of thirteen high-profile judges (including a personal hero of mine Steph Gilmore) to determine who will be taking home the crown for the best Surf Photo for 2019.

The photographs are assessed on:

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Dramatic affect and sensory impact
  • Uniqueness and
  • Creative composition

This might sound like simlish to you, the main point is that these are some bloody pretty pictures. Have a sticky beak and let us know your thoughts. Winners will be announced at the Surfing Australia Awards Night on April 2nd.

Ted Grambeau – Monster Nias

Ted Grambeau – Gold Nias

Ted Grambeau – Late Larry

Stu Gibson – Pumping Lightning

Simon Williams – Flying

Scott Harrison – The Reward

Russel Ord – Tom Carrol

Paul Smith – Unfinished Smypathy

Matthew Tidesley – Nocturnal Impact

Matthew Tidesley – Nocturnal Curl

Jack Respondak – Harry Bryant, South Coast

Jan Wainwright-Wilson – Welcome Ceremony

Ed Sloan – Stephanie Gilmore

Duncan Macfarlane – Anthony Walsh, Pipeline

Angus Sheridan – Sunset Air

Andrew Kaineder – North Atlantic Power

Scott Bauer – Marcus Moments

Ray Collins – Mountains

Winners will be announced at the Surfing Australia Awards Night on April 2nd.