Wearable Shark Deterrent Sharkbanz Keeps You Safe at Sea

The last thing you want to deal with while out on the surf is a shark swooping in for a quick bite. Surfing is, after all, hard enough on its own. Enter Sharkbanz, the wearable–and wildly popular–shark deterrent. It utilises powerful magnets to keep the sharks at bay, and requires no batteries or charging. Meanwhile, surf dogs aren’t the only ones to benefit from this wondrous device, as it can help keep even the most casual swimmer safe at sea.

shark deterrent sharkbanz blue

Ten years in the making, Sharkbanz works by playing off of sharks’ powerful sensitivity to electric fields. Normally, a shark will use its electroreceptors to seek out weak electromagnetic signals from its prey, such as heartbeats or minor muscle movements. Being that the Sharkbanz electromagnetic field is supremely forceful, it sends a clear and unpleasant message to the shark: this is not food. As a result, the shark swims away.


To prove just how effective its wearable technology is, Sharkbanz recently teamed up with the Discovery Channel for a filmed research test. In the resulting YouTube video, brand co-founder Nathan Garrison and a team of experts put Sharkbanz to work in shark-infested waters. Even with bait in the water, the sharks don’t move in for the kill. Watch the video above to see for yourself. Then strap a Sharkbanz around your wrist or ankle so you can finally swim in peace.

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