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The crkt freyr tactical axe calls on viking tradition

The CRKT Freyr Tactical Axe Calls on Viking Tradition

Vikings knew their axes. That’s why Australia’s Most Stylish Surf Trip – Barney Cools Heads “Off the Radar” designer Elmer Roush out of Brasstown, North Carolina, called on Viking tradition when building the CRKT Freyr Tactical Axe. Named for the Norse god of prosperity, this axe is ready to serve.

The design calls for a long beard, which Vikings would have used to hook and pull an enemy’s shield. You may not be running into very many shield-bearing Anglo-Saxons on your trips, but the bead still serves a function, providing the axe with better balance and more heft. Plus, it looks cool. The blade is hot forged of 1055 carbon steel and receives a passivation treatment to prevent corrosion.

CRKT Freyr Axe edge three quarter front

Image: CRKT

The blade may be all Norse, but the handle is pure American. Made from Tennessee hickory, the handle is durable and comfortable in the hand. There is also an aftermarket leather sheath available.

Tactical axes, aside from looking cool, can be used for a number of jobs. Of course there are the chopping and splitting functions, but you can also use them for digging, prying, and cutting. A properly balanced axe can also be used for throwing, and as Vikings proved, they can even be used in close quarter combat.

CRKT Freyr Axe top three quarter back

Image: CRKT

CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) has put innovation and integrity first since its founding in 1994. They work with the best designers to create tools that give customers the confidence they need to conquer any challenge.

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General FAQ

What is a freyr AXE?

The CRKT Freyr Tactical Axe is designed using Viking tradition, calling for a long beard which provides the axe with better balance and more heft. The blade is hot forged of 1055 carbon steel and receives a passivation treatment to prevent corrosion.

Where are Crkt axes made?

The CRKT axes are designed by Elmer Roush out of Brasstown, North Carolina however they are manufactured in China and Taiwan.


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