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Ly 680 yacht feature

2,000HP LY 680 Yacht is the Most Powerful Lexus Ever

If you thought a luxuriously decked-out LM was decadent then you have not seen it all as Lexus has now taken to the seas with its extravagant LY 650 yacht. Costing $5 million USD ($7 million AUD) the production of this superyacht will be handled by the Horizon Group while orders will be accepted only in Japan through Toyota Marine sales offices and other dealers.

This 68-foot leviathan has a stately appearance while being doused in the Lexus philosophy of ‘L-finesse’ along with a striking copper and silver paint scheme. However, there’s no shortage of power with close to 2000 horses on tap thanks to a pair of massive 12.8-litre straight-six diesel powertrains. Yes, it is indeed the most powerful Lexus ever and not the LFA supercar!

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Ly 680 yacht side profile

The yacht has some of the same sharp lines being mixed with wonderful surfacing much like its gorgeous LC sports car. One of the highlights includes a flybridge which has been extended by 1,400 mm and which includes a spacious lounge sofa along with a barbecue grill.

In addition, the swimming platform has been extended by 700 mm platform, which means you can indulge in some personal watercraft too with space for launching jet skis.

With a luxurious accommodation for 15 passengers and 6 beds, the interiors are decked up with a pleasing array of colours while garnished with the Japanese philosophy of ‘Omotenashi’ or hospitality. Just like on the Lexus cars, attention to detail is being lavished with the ‘Takumi’ craftsmanship thanks to the wood panelling to the lounge-like vibe.

There are large windows and plenty of open spaces for being close to the sea along with an airy feeling.

The immense thrust of the twin Volvo Penta 12.8-litre straight-six diesel powertrain propels this yacht to a pretty quick cruising speed while Lexus says the same dynamic characteristics of a smooth ride as seen on its cars would also be felt here. Cruising range is also pretty good with a large 1,849-gallon fuel tank.

This is not the first time that Toyota has entered the yacht business though as it has been selling them since 1997. Deliveries for the LY 680 will start from spring 2026 and if you want to own the coolest Lexus, well, this is it!

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