The Seakart 335 Watercraft Could Be a Jet Ski, or a Yacht Tender

The Seakart 335 was unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival Boat Show and the Monaco Yact Show, but that doesn’t mean the inflatable boat is meant only for the yachting crowd. Instead, the Seakart 335 earns the title of “the ultimate sea toy” not just for the elite, but for everyone.

seakart 335 watercraft front view

The Seakart 335 can seat three to five passengers and is small enough that it can be towed on a standard jet ski trailer. It measures just 11.5 feet in length and only 6.56 in width. Because it uses a Yamaha 110 CV or 180 CV jet engine, it’s as comfortable in shallow waters as it is in the depths. The driving design idea behind the Seakart 335 is to combine the fun and speed of a jet ski with the comfort and safety of a tender. The center of the boat features a carbon pallet with a steering wheel and a streamline dive nose. That core is surrounded by inflated tubes, and the whole thing is designed to not flip over, making it safer than jet skis.

seakart 335 watercraft design

The Seakart 335 isn’t a cheap “sea toy.” You’ll be forking out around $41,167 to get one. The versatility, speed, and comfort make the price right, though. You’ll be getting the performance you crave, and the safety you need.

Check it out

seakart 335 watercraft leather upholstery steering

seakart 335 watercraft back side

seakart 335 watercraft with family

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