1979 Mercedes Benz 500 TE AMG for Auction

AMG’s history is most known for their modifications of Mercedes-Benzes throughout the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. One of the best known mods was putting a 5.0L V8 on a W123 chassis. Rumors abound that there may have been a pair of wagons that were outfitted with the same engine. That rumor was confirmed when Henric Nieminen, an AMG fan from California, responded to an ad selling a Mercedes Wagon.

1979 Mercedes Benz auction

After purchasing the vehicle, Nieminen inquired with Mercedes-Benz regarding the M117 5.0L V8 engine. What he found out was that that particular engine had not been assigned to any particular chassis. Increasing the mystery even more, the engine had been modified with custom tubular headers, downpipes, secondary oil cooler, and motor mounts. The evidence began to mount that this wagon was one of the elusive and rumored wagons modified by AMG. Looking closer, Nieminen discovered that the car had a full AMG body kit, OE skid plate, cast aluminum rear suspension, date-stamped 1979 Ricaro seats with matching door cards, and a taxi upper console, among other mods typical of AMG work. While there is no documentation that the wagon was an AMG mod, the evidence is pretty overwhelming.

side view Mercedes Benz

The car was refreshed in 2013. It was featured in BBC America’s Top Gear America, after which it was sold to a buyer in Switzerland. It’s now up for auction on Sotheby’s.

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