780 mile 2005 porsche carrera gt

This 2005 Carrera GT Just Set a New Record on Bring a Trailer

Only 42 guards red Carrera GTs were produced for America.

We’re convinced that even at this price the seller might’ve made the biggest mistake of their life because even with a spare $2 million now lying around to throw at another hypercar, in our eyes, nothing will replace the GT.

Sale Price: $1,902,000 on 1/5/22

Only 1,270 examples were built during a four-year production run, and who really knows how many GT’s have been destroyed over the years. Most famous for their exhilarating driving experience deft of any safety features, a number of notable accidents have taken place in this limited number of production vehicles. Lewis Hamilton’s father wrecked a borrowed GT as he showed off to bystanders and Jay Leno spun out on a road course, but no accident was as tragically famous as when Roger Rodas and Fast and Furious star Paul Walker lost control at over 100mph in 2013. In the case of that tragic event, even a competent racecar driving friend wasn’t enough to manhandle such a spirited machine wearing 10-year-old tires.

May Rodger and Paul rest in peace.

780 mile 2005 porsche carrera gt rear end

Image: Bring a Trailer

While sad to point out, the dangerous and thrilling nature of the Carerra GT has only added to the allure of the vehicle. Prices have skyrocketed over the years, and the market for a pristine collector’s item – as we have here – has seen prices increase over $500,000 since 2015. In short, you’ll have to spend a pretty penny to get your hands on one today. How much? Well, this Bring a Trailer example suggests about $1,902,000 USD.

It’s crazy to imagine just how powerful and quick this car would’ve felt back in 2005. With over 600 horsepower being produced from its bespoke 5.7-litre naturally aspirated V-10, the GT can accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 205 mph. Today, these figures still hold up against the best from sportscar manufacturers such as Porsche itself. The best part? All this oomph is married to a 6-speed manual transmission – don’t fry the clutch either or expect to pay nearly $20,000 USD in carbon-ceramic plates.

Only 42 guards red Carrera GTs were produced for America (including one for Paul Walker), and this particular Carerra GT with just under 800-miles on the clock set a new record for auction site Bring a Trailer. Offered in Scottsdale, Arizona, by the seller on behalf of the current owner this vehicle is destined for the showroom more so than the street thanks to its collection of factory books, a fitted luggage set, keys, clean Carfax report, and a clean Montana title (of course it’s on Montana Plates). Take a look for yourself via the images below, and to read more about the car follow the link.

Check it out

780 mile 2005 porsche carrera gt front end

Image: Bring a Trailer

780 mile 2005 porsche carrera gt rear end 1

Image: Bring a Trailer

780 mile 2005 porsche carrera gt wheels

Image: Bring a Trailer

780 mile 2005 porsche carrera gt interior

Image: Bring a Trailer

780 mile 2005 porsche carrera gt interior 2

Image: Bring a Trailer

780 mile 2005 porsche carrera gt engine bay

Image: Bring a Trailer

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