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Porsche 911 st feature

Porsche 911 S/T Could Be the Most Desirable Yet

The Porsche 911 S/T isn’t just another limited edition sports car, this one is special. A new chapter in what is surely the greatest sports car ever built, the S/T is a wonderful concoction of cherry-picked GT3 RS and Sport Classic ingredients but without the show-off huge rear wing and aero. It’s simpler, lighter, rawer and could be the ultimate 911 if you can get your hands on one.

What’s best described as a GT3 RS ‘Touring’, the 2024 Porsche 911 ST is a modern version of the 911 2.5 S/T track car that launched back in 1971.

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Porsche 911 st roof down
Porsche 911 S/T | Image: Supplied

Built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 911 in a limited run of 1,963 cars worldwide (to honour its September 12, 1963 birth anniversary), the 911 S/T flaunts the 4.0-litre boxer engine with 525 PS and a scarcely believable maximum rev limit of 9,000 rpm. Basically, it will give some superbikes a run for their money and we only imagine the flat-six howling behind our ears as we blast it across our favourite hairpin bends.

This is essentially the same motor as the track-focused GT3 RS but with a lightweight clutch and a short ratio manual transmission. Lap times do not matter with the 911 S/T and it is more about the journey rather than the destination. The 911 S/T leans towards the classic 911 R with its wide track, lack of an obnoxious rear wing, and gorgeous stance.

Lightness is the mantra here with a kerb weight of just 1,380 kilograms (DIN kerb weight, including all fluids), making it the lightest model of the 992 generation and 40kgs lighter than even the Touring.

Porsche 911 st heritage design
Porsche 911 S/T | Image: Supplied

Porsche has been busy putting the 911 on an even stricter diet with a single-mass flywheel which reduces the weight of the rotating mass by 10.5 kg. The S/T will do 0-100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds and achieve a top speed of 300 km/h but we would say that these numbers do not matter as compared to the raw driving experience it will give.

Standard is a lightweight sports exhaust system and the 911 S/T is the only model of the current generation to have a double-wishbone front-axle design combined with a multi-link rear axle without rear-axle steering of the GT3 RS. As mentioned, there’s no giant wing. Instead, there is a Gurney flap on the extending rear spoiler. Standard equipment also includes 20-inch (front) and 21-inch (rear) lightweight centre-locking magnesium wheels plus 255/35 ZR 20 and 315/30 ZR 21 tyres.

Inside, it’s wonderfully analogue and pared back. A sprinkling of retro can be seen on the instrument cluster and the clock of the Sport Chrono package as it is finished in a classic green Porsche colour scheme. Porsche will throw in four-way-adjustable Sports Seats in place of the standard CFRP full bucket seats.

A Heritage Design Package is optional while a new exterior colour ‘Shore Blue Metallic’ and the wheel rim colour in Ceramic are only available for the S/T.

A limited number of the new Porsche 911 S/T’s can now be ordered in Australia for AUD$660,500 but if you’re reading this they’re likely already sold out. Sorry. The Heritage Design Package can be added for AUD$36,760. To complete the look, Porsche also offers a Chronograph 1 – 911 S/T lightweight watch at AUD$21,041. In short, this could be potentially the greatest collector 911 and possibly the most analogue iteration within the 992 range.

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