A Rare Beauty in Pure Form: 1965 Shelby Original 289 Dragonsnake, 1 of 4

The 1965 Shelby Dragonsnake Cobra is being sold at Legendary Motor Car Company, who invested in one of only four 289 Dragonsnakes ever built. With five previous owners, it features the original body and chassis with no damage ever recorded, and comes complete with all original and relevant documentation. The Ford powered CSX 2472 from Carroll Shelby is a well-known signature brand for motorsports lovers; together the company and racing enthusiast made a successful pair for the history of auto culture in America and around the world with their iconic designs. This car is among the rarest known in the world.

The car has a backstory too. The year was 1963 and some production employees thought it would be cool to make a company drag car for local races. The idea was to build a Ford Fairlane with Hi-Po 289. Shelby was aware of drag racing popularity in Southern California (it’s still very popular in places like San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Francisco), so he approved it, but with conditions: they spared only personal time with a limited budget, and it had to be a Cobra, which they thought would “Go like Stink” prepared correctly.

The program was a success and after winning many competitions, Shelby soon discovered there was a demand for drag race parts and even for a handful of turn-key drag models. A racer named Russ Freed eventually bought the car with some modifications to make a second type version. Then it was purchased by J.J. Rodman for hillclimb events. It had never been damaged and was restored fully and still has its racing history in its roots.

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