Adventure Trucks Are Expedition Ready

The Adventure Trucks team claims that their trucks provide “all the amenities needed for weekend trips or a journey to South America, or beyond.” It’s hard to argue with them. The stats for the truck are impressive, especially considering the small footprint—they measure 21.5 feet in length and are only 10 feet tall. Still, even with their diminutive size, they can hold 26 gallons of gray water, 90 gallons of fresh water, and 100 gallons of diesel fuel. They are also equipped with a solar power system that charges up to 650 watts and has a 20,000 watt hour battery bank.

side view adventure truck

The Adventure Truck is built on either a Dodge RAM 5500 or Ford F550 chassis. Inside the truck there’s a small bathroom with toilet and shower. Behind the mirrors in the bathroom, you’ll find a laundry unit. A kitchen unit with sink, range, fridge, and a microwave is ready for meal prep. There’s also a set of benches with a fold out table, and a large bed on an elevated platform. Storage won’t be a problem on your trek, with every available space being used to provide drawers or closet space.

adventure truck front side

Whether you’re heading to the Rocky Mountains or the Andes, Adventure Trucks are ready to go.

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