Amazon Orders 100,000 EV Delivery Vans from Rivian

Jeff Bezos has earned the title of being a visionary man, even with his eccentricities. The man who introduced the world to Amazon is extending that vision to include the electrification of the automotive world. Bezos recently announced that Amazon has placed an order for 100,000 electric delivery vans from Rivian. Bezos says he expects that all 100,000 of the vans will be hitting the road by 2024. By 2021, the first vans will be making deliveries.

Needless to say, the order is a huge boon to the Michigan-based startup company. Rivian originally started as a competitor to Tesla, but moved more toward action-adventure vehicles under the direction of CEO RJ Scaringe. Rivian has revealed two vehicles so far—a pickup (R1T) and an SUV (R1S). According to Rivian, the vehicles have a 400 mile range per charge and can hit 60 miles per hour in under three seconds. They’ll also be able to eventually drive themselves. With Bezos’ announcement, it’s clear that Rivian will be putting out a third vehicle.

This isn’t the first bit of support that Amazon has given to electric car company. Rivian received a boost from Amazon during its fundraising efforts this year. The details of donations weren’t released, but with Amazon’s contribution, Rivian was able to raise $700 million. Ford has also invested in Rivian, announcing in April that it would invest $500 million into the startup as a part of a deal to create a new electric vehicle to be sold by Ford. Cox Automotive has also transfused $350 million into Rivian.

With all this investment, and with a gigantic order looming on the company’s books, Rivian looks to make a big impact in the EV world. They’ll also be making a huge dent in the problem of climate change—especially by reducing emissions from all those delivery trucks.

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