Aston Martin Unveils the AM-RB 003 Hypercar

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show is upon us and all the best automotive brands are playing show and tell to a rapturous audience. Speaking of the best brands, Aston Martin has definitely delivered the goods at this year’s event, unveiling a new mid-engined hypercar concept by the name of AM-RB 003 (formerly known as Project 003). Coming on the heels of the legendary Aston Martin Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro, this curvy speed demon represents the third model in the brand’s ongoing mid-engined series. It will integrate Red Bull Advanced Technologies into both the design and engineering, and thereby equal, if not supersede, the performance standards of its big-name competitors.

Aston Martin AM-BR 003 side

In terms of style and aerodynamics, the AM-RB 003 makes obvious and intentional nods to its distinguished predecessor, the almighty Valkyrie. However, don’t take that to mean this road-ready hypercar doesn’t stand on its own four wheels. For instance, it hosts next-generation aircraft morphing technology known as FlexFoil, which creates a variable airfoil across the entire rear wing. In turn, the car’s physical angles remain completely in position when there are changes in the downforce, leading to better efficiency and a reduction in wind noise.

Aston Martin AM-BR 003 rear

The AM-RB 003 is also the first car to feature Aston Martin’s new hybrid turbo V6 engine, built in-house by the brand. That’s joined by an innovative Nexcel sealed oil system, which optimises the use of engine oil and facilitates oil changes in under 90 seconds. This advanced system has never been used on a road-going car ever before.

Aston Martin AM-BR 003 cabin

Inside the AM-RB 003 is a display screen on the steering column, and a “bring-your-own-technology” infotainment system. Surrounding that is a new style of cockpit, which utilises “Apex Ergonomics” to deliver maximum comfort. Of course, this is all just scratching the surface, and more details will be revealed as development progresses. What we do know is that this powerful vehicle will be limited to just 500 units.

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Aston Martin AM-BR 003

Aston Martin AM-BR 003 rear

Aston Martin AM-BR 003 interior


Aston Martin AM-BR 003 interior

Aston Martin AM-BR 003 detail