Bentley Surprises with the Bentayga Bengala SUV

When you first see the Bentayga Bengala SUV, you might be a little incredulous that it is a Bentley. Granted, you will recognise the six-figure price tag, but the rest of the design is very different from anything else you’ve seen from Bentley. The biggest difference is the nearly tank-like appearance.

Bentley Bentayga Bengala SUV

The SUV was designed by Spanish design house Bengala Automotive Design SL. Bengala gave the SUV a tall stance that is accented by the extended fender flares. In the wheel wells, Bengala added Dillinger forged wheels. Up front, the trademark Bentley grille was changed out for a new front fascia that features a customized bumper with an LED strip. It’s this new front end that really makes the Bentayga look more aggressive and intimidating.

back of bentley suv

On its website, Bengala confesses to working with a Spanish off-road rally champion and his team, and the influence shows. The Bentayga received an updated suspension to match the vision of combining luxury with “brutal appearance and outstanding performance.” Bengala is also known for using carbon fibre extensively, so no doubt the Bentayga received a few mods in that direction as well.

bentley bentayga suv

Only 15 examples of this design will be produced, and each will be tailored to meet the customer’s specifications. Regardless of what is chosen, one thing is evident—this isn’t the Bentley you’re used to.

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