Bollinger Hears You and Offers Customizable Accessories

You can tell when a company has its end user in mind, they listen to what the people who will be buying their products have to say. Bollinger Motors is still working on getting their electric vehicles into production, but they’re already taking to heart what their end users are saying by offering customizable accessories.

Bollinger Motors Customizeable Accessories for electric truck

In a tweet, Bollinger Motors asked, “How would you customize your Bollinger Motors electric truck?” They then went on to say, “Upfitting Accessories and Gear in the works. While we’re working on bringing our trucks to production we wanted to share these concept B1 and B2 images with you. These renderings are based on requests, comments, and conversations with our online and social media community.” These updates include tube-frame doors and changes to the cargo racks. The images also show off-road lighting mounts, dark wheels, a tuck winch, fender flares, and a more rugged headlight grille. The B1 gets a spare wheel on the back along with a roof ladder. For the B2, there’s a cargo pass-through as well as other cargo management changes. These accessories should go nicely with the B1 and B2’s dual motors, all-wheel drive, and hydropneumatic suspension. The cargo changes will allow for the vehicles to carry even more—there was already plenty of space with the large front trunk as well as the already existing pass-through doors.

Bollinger Motors Customizeable Accessories for trucks

Whether Bollinger is just pandering to the masses with a few renderings or if they’ll actually follow through is yet to be seen. Regardless, the promised 614 horsepower and 668 lb-ft of torque that result in a top speed at 100 miles per hour and a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds, coupled with a 200 mile range, means that there’s plenty to love about these vehicles without the accessories. Still, they would be cool.

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Bollinger Motors Customizeable Accessories back view vehicle