Boxy, Cute, and Affordable Describe the Honda E

If you’re into cute and boxy, and you want an electric vehicle that won’t break the bank, then the Honda E is what you’ve been looking for. Honda just revealed the production model of their E car in Frankfurt and it ticks off all the criteria—cute, boxy, electric, and affordable.

HONDA E side view vehicle

The Honda E will launch in the UK and Germany initially. The base model will come with a 35.5kWh battery that has a range of 137 miles on a full charge. The battery features fast charging and can reportedly go from no charge to 80 percent in 30 minutes. The car puts out 134 horsepower in the basic model, but you can bump up to 152 horsepower with an upgrade. The base model sports a 100 kW electric motor, while the Advance option offers a 113 kW version. The E sports side-mounted cameras instead of the conventional mirrors. You can see what the cameras see on the five-screen dashboard, which holds the 6-inch screens used for the mirrors. The center features two 12.3-inch LCD touchscreens that display infotainment. An 8.8-inch screen displays the instrument cluster. You can also activate the E’s personal assistant just by saying “Okay Honda.” Additionally, you can access features like remote climate control, security and location monitoring, and digital key access as well as other features using the My Honda+ app.

By no means can you consider the four-seater Honda E as spacious, but it does have plenty of room and even some cargo space behind the seats. The design is fairly straightforward and even nondescript—but those that like the boxy look will love it. Perhaps even best of all, the Honda E comes in at under 30k: £26,160 in the UK and €29,470 in Germany.

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