bugatti chiron off road edition

Bugatti Chiron Off-Road Edition Menaces the Back Country

Rain Prisk is an automotive digital artist that knows his way around awesome concepts, and his Bugatti Chiron Off-Road Edition is no exception. The concept has a menacing quality to it—you get the same feeling from looking at this car as you do from running into a badger or a wolverine in the backcountry. This isn’t a polite society car. It’s a “get outta my way” car and brooks no nonsense.

The design starts with a Bugatti Chiron and reimagines it as a 4X4. The first challenge to overcome was the Chiron’s low stance. For a supercar, the designers weren’t exactly thinking ground clearance, so Prisk has to elevate the car and add in a beefed-up off-road suspension coupled with huge all-terrain tires. Under-carriage plating would also be needed, and while you’re at it, why not throw in a front-end winch? And if you’re going into the back country, you’ll need some gear, which Prisk considered when he added in a roof rack.

Prisk also opted to have a single windshield wiper blade, making it seem as if the car is challenging whatever the road can throw at it and doing so with one windshield wiper tied behind its back. The Xs for headlights is another menacing touch.

Bugatti may not be planning on putting together an off-road version of their Chiron, but if there was any way of convincing them to do so, Prisk’s design is it.

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