Citroen Type H WildCamp Concept is in the Running

The Citroen Type H WildCamp Concept might just take top colors away from the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon this year. The WildCamp takes the distinctive look of the Type H van. Type H was first introduced in 1947, but it wasn’t built until 1981. The van’s corrugated and squared off looks appealed to Italian builder Caselani Automobili, who launched a conversion kit for new Jumper/Relay vans to make them look more like the Type H. That takes care of the exterior, but what about the interior.

citroen type h wild camp cream colour front view

Inside, a Roadcamp R conversion from Possl outfits the van with everything you need for an adventure in the wild. The Roadcamp R adds a kitchen area, bathroom, multi-leaf dining table, and a rear bed. There is plenty of storage space as well. When you close the bathroom, which includes a toilet, a shower, and a sink, it extends out slightly with its rounded door, thus separating the living area from the bedroom for a little added privacy. The kitchen comes with a dual-burner gas stove, a stainless steel sink, and a fridge and freezer combo. And for those long hours on the road, you can use a 9-inch Alpine infotainment system complete with navigation.

citroen type h wild camp cream kitchen interior

The WildCamp van has a 161 horsepower BlueHDi diesel engine. It comes with ABS and electronic stability, as well as a hill start assist feature. You can also chose to add in Poclain traction control system with limited-slip differential.

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