Citroen’s 100th Year Anniversary Concept Looks Like it’s from 100 Years in the Future

Citroen, the French automobile manufacturer, has been around for 100 years. First founded in 1919, the company became a part of the PSA Peugeot Citroen group in 1976. To celebrate its century mark, Citroen released a new concept car called 19_19. The car is made to be a “living room on wheels,” and will make travel enjoyable again.

Citroens 100th Year anniversary concept

The concept is based on Citroen’s RE-2 helicopter. The Wankel-powered aircraft has been around since the ‘70s and lends its glass cabin and rounded shape to the concept car. The car sits higher than most at 30 inches. It will be powered by a 100kwh battery that electrifies two dual motors capable of 456 horsepower and 800nm of torque.

Citreon 100 Anniversary concept

The idea of it being a living room is easily accomplished with an interior that is upholstered in padded materials. The rear seats turn into a curved sofa; the passenger seat looks like a cushioned lounge chair. Comfort for those long drives is obviously paramount for the design. The concept also makes use of intelligent car features, such as self-driving and even pointing out things to watch for. A TV screen in the dash even allows for entertainment while the vehicle drives itself.

“The 19_19 Concept is our technological and innovative vision of the automotive future,” explains Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroen. As a concept, this car borders on science fiction, but if produced, it just might carry Citroen to another century of production.

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