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Corvette ev spin off brand

Corvette Will Become an EV Spin-off Brand in 2025

While legions of muscle car fans are fuming over the rumours of a Corvette EV brand spin-off, the concept of expanding this famous moniker isn’t as controversial as you might think. In a vacuum, the Corvette name will continue as the golden goose for GM, but as it currently stands, it’s the lone sports car and the brand sees profits far beyond a two-door sportscar with a stonking great V8 engine. Ford shared the same philosophy with its Mustang name, and everyone from Lamborghini to Ferrari is dabbling in the SUV space so GM can’t be left behind in dipping its most famous nameplate into the same space.

Corvette ev spin off brand lineage

Image: Corvette Lineage | Chevrolet

As reported by Car and Driver, 2025 will see the entry of a Corvette EV crossover and a four-door coupe with both based on the GM Ultium platform. Just like Ferrari and Lotus, the upcoming Corvette SUV and four-door coupe would be developed from scratch with the ‘Corvette’ DNA as a requirement, not a philosophy. The Ultium platform will serve as a flexible canvas where performance-oriented EV elements would be embedded, such as a twin-motor layout with an 800-Volt charging architecture along with a two-speed transmission for greater driving purity amidst the usual EV performance claims.

Styling-wise, expect the future Corvette brand products to sport the same styling theme as the current Corvette sports car albeit within a more practical silhouette with the four-door getting a swoopy liftback treatment. Of these upcoming products, the SUV would be expected to turn in most of the lucrative profits in stretching the Corvette brand towards an entirely new spectrum of buyers while not alienating its core audience.

Porsche has been wildly successful with its Cayenne and Macan while also successfully transitioning its brand ethos to the Taycan EV and the upcoming Macan EV. GM wants to do the same and grow the Corvette family tree to become a performance sub-brand. However, unlike the Taycan or the Cayenne, the Corvette EVs would be more affordable and distil some fun into the mainstream EV performance genre.

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