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People Can’t Work Out Kia’s New Logo, So They’re Googling ‘KN Car’ Instead

We’re in the age of the 2D logo, and for some, it’s a little hard to understand. After marketing teams spent the better part of a decade trying to figure out how they could manipulate their logos to jump off flat surfaces with 3D mock-ups, minimalism is back. Flat logos are king again, gone is chrome, and manufacturers from VW to Kia are in the process of global rebrands, it’s just a little confusing for some.

Enter the new Kia logo. We think it looks quite good, but others seem to disagree. And never have we found such a basic level of reading comprehension so difficult in the automotive world since we tried to explain what torque was to a kid trying to race our Dodge Ram TRX in his Honda Civic. People are so confused by the logo that they’re Googling ‘KN Car’ to the tune of 27,100 searches in the United States per week.

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Kia logo

Image: Kia EV6 | Kia

If it’s any consolation prize for Australians, we’re only Googling the term ‘KN Car’ 1,000 times a week. And now we’ve pointed that one out, let’s use this article to poke fun at our friends in the US of A and other parts of the world while we’re at it. These are the estimated search volumes for the term ‘KN Car’ around the world this week, according to SEMRUSH.

  • United States – 27,100
  • United Kingdom – 1,300
  • Australia – 1,000
  • Germany – 140

Now, how could someone really mistake the new Kia logo to say ‘KN’? We have a theory.

Our theory centres entirely around the flagship product of the brand, the Kia EV6. It’s so far removed from your average Kia that we believe people don’t know what it is. We remember the first time we saw a Tesla, it looked like something out of space and we also remember the first time we drove our loan EV6 to a charger. The reaction from those around was a mixture of envy from the Tesla drivers and intrigue from the Hyundai Kona drivers. It stands out.

The waitlist for an EV6 is around 12 months so seeing one in the wild is like spotting a rare supercar. It’s fair to say that the logo will take some time for our friends in the United States to come to terms with, however, Kia Australia is having no issues selling cars, with 66,580 vehicles sold up to the end of October (up 14.5 per cent).

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