GMC Short Bus Adventure Van Wheels Go Round and Round

WeTravelByBus chronicles the voyages of the GMS Short Bus Adventure Van. Conversions of buses into RVs isn’t new, but this short yellow bus is packed with features perfect for a couple looking to get away. Julie and Kai, the owners of the bus, put in all the work to turn the bus into a livable adventure-mobile. The couple added a roof rack that can double as a sun deck with a solar panel as well as cases for tools and other odds and ends. The seats were torn out and a wood floor was added. Cabinets made from reclaimed wood take up one side of the van, while one bench seat was saved to provide a sitting are on the other side. The back is used for an elevated bed, with storage underneath. The side door opens up to not only provide a terrace-like ambience, but to also get access to the outside kitchen, which can be used to prepare food by a campfire. For those cold camping trips, the mini wood stove by Cubicmini keeps the interior toasty warm. Lights from an old Bluebird bus were recruited to provide lighting over the kitchen area. Other “bus” items, like a first aid kit and the bus rules poster, were preserved to keep the bus theme going. What started out as a crazy idea, turned into a loving project, bringing Julie and Kai closer together and closer to nature.

Check it out

gmc short bus in the jungle

gmc short bus rear

gmc short bus front view

gmc short bus inside

gmc short bus kitchen

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