Go Bulletproof with the Rezvani Tank Series

From the Land Rover to the Jeep to the Hummer, military vehicles have been regularly making the transition from the battlefield to city streets. But most of these have shed their truly tough exterior in favor of the creature comforts of a luxury sports utility vehicle, allowing them to blend in a little more to the vehicles around them, so the rest of the public doesn’t think there is some sort of military operation going on. However, the Rezvani Tank, the newest tactical style sports utility vehicle seems to have gone in exactly the opposite direction.

rezvani tank bumpers

That’s not to say the Rezvani Tank isn’t comfortable inside, with leather ergonomically designed seats meant for hours of driving if necessary. However, it’s the rest of the burly vehicle that really makes it stand out, meant for any on road or off road challenge. There’s a 6.4 liter 500 horsepower V8 engine under the hood, a 4×4 that is on demand, multiple thermal night vision systems available on the screen inside the front dashboard along with a heads up display. For those who want their Rezvani Tank to be even more combat ready, there is an option for ballistic armor protection on the outside—like a convertible option for a sedan, only bulletproof.

Rezvani Tanks start at $178,000.

Check it out

rezvani tank front

rezvani tank open doors

rezvani tank seats

rezvani tank open trunk

rezvani tank trunk space

rezvani tank front lights

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