land rover defender 110 predator

Hunting Your Prey with the Land Rover Defender 110 Predator

The Land Rover Defender 110 “Predator” is a reimagining of the automotive side of the Jurassic World/Park vehicles, and it looks like had the park gone with Land Rover instead, they would have fared better against their prehistoric foes.

The base starts with a stock 110 that has been reinforced with a roll cage and roof rack to protect against raptor attacks. With a two inch lift that also features Old Man Emu dampeners and springs, you’ll be kept out of the foliage. The custom “Bigfoot” wheel arches paired with 38 inch Maxxis mud tires on Hutchinson bead lock wheels make the Land Rover even taller. An InGen High Efficiency Dust Filtration on the raised air intake will keep the engine clean and running.

So how would the park rangers fare better with this Land Rover? Well, the 50 caliber twin turret tranquilizer guns fitted with scopes and loaded with Fossil Powered DanInject rounds might even the score a bit. This Land Rover easily makes the transition from monitoring vehicle to predator.

Perhaps the one weakness for the vehicle will be Ian Malcolm’s chaos theory—the idea that small changes in complex systems can have unpredictable results. Armored and armed, the Predator, at least on paper, looks like it stands a chance. But inevitably, there’ll be some small seemingly harmless occurrence that will nullify all those preparations. The thought leaves you curious about what that little change that could bring down this vehicle might be.

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