Jeep Rolls Out a Beefed Up M-715 Five-Quarter Concept

The original convertible Jeep pickup was the Kaiser Jeep M-715, which was produced in the 1960s. Its characteristic fender flares, vertical folding windshield, rag top, and sheet metal work set it apart from any other vehicle. Jeep took that original look and made it meaner for the Jeep M-175 Five-Quarter Concept.

front jeep concept

The concept’s “Five-Quarter” name references its military designation as a one and a quarter tone vehicle. There are a lot of similarities between this new mode and its source material. It uses the same frame, with the addition of a beefed up coin-sprung Dynatrac Pro-rock 60 in the front and a Pro-rock 80 in the back. The doors and windshield, as well as parts of the cab also match up.

As for what’s new, take a look at the carbon fibre front fenders and hood. But what will really attract your attention is the supercharged 6.2-litre “Hellcrate” V8. That 700 plus horsepower beast is mated with a three-speed Chrysler 727 transmission and a Rock-Trac 2410R transfer case (the same case you find in a modern Wrangler Rubicon). All that power ends up in 40-inch tires with 20-inch beadlock wheels.

jeep concept

The bed of the truck measures six feet and is predominately aluminium. The sides feature mesh openings, and the tailgate is open with a carved out JEEP. The floor for the bed is wood and aluminium. Under the rag top, you’ll find a Spartan cab that still boasts comfort with leather and an impressive dash.

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back view jeep

jeep m 715 concept vehicle