Kahn Design Teases Flying Huntsman Coach Built 6×6 Soft Top

Founded by Afzal Kahn–once dubbed “The King of customisation” by Autocar Magazine–Kahn Designs has been modifying vehicles to spectacular effect since the early 2000s. Their recent Flying Huntsman 100 6×6 Double Cab Pick Up was no exception, having earned tons of appraise and no shortage of inquiries. As any industrious company is bound to know, you keep the momentum going when demand is still high, and thus Kahn Designs is now teasing a new Flying Huntsman Coach Built 6×6 Soft Top.

adore kahn designer

Details are currently slim, but one message is clear: those who already love the Land Rover Defender–or the aforementioned Double Cab–will absolutely adore Kahn Design’s upcoming release. It seems to pick up where things left up, featuring an X-lander front grille and 1945 rear alloy wheels. At the back, however, is now a canvas soft top which gives the vehicle even more adventurous appeal. Ultimately, the vibe is pure outdoors, and we imagine the car will tackle any terrain with absolutely no prejudice. Of course, you already knew that as soon as you caught a glimpse of this rugged beast. We’ll be keeping our own eyes peeled for updates.

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