Karma’s SC2 Concept EV Offers 1,100 HP

Karma has broken their silence and revealed their SC2 concept electric vehicle ahead of the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. It’s a bold statement, and one that, at least in theory, is backed up by the concepts performance.

Karma SC2 Concept top view of the front seat

According to Karma, the two-seater coupe boasts 1,100 horsepower that is created by two electric motors and sent to all four wheels. It can hit 60 from zero in just 1.9 seconds, and has a 350 mile range—at least, on paper. The company admits that the figures are based on digital modelings and simulations. Karma also claims that the car will have 10,500 lb-ft of wheel torque—a number they arrive at by multiplying the car’s torque number by the gear ratios and final drive. “SC2 presents an optimistic and bold message about Karma’s future as we enthusiastically accept the challenge of elevating experience-driven mobility,” says Karma’s vice president of global design and architecture, Andreas Thurner. “In creating SC2, we have enhanced the thrill of the open road through connected, interactive patented technology, beyond that of a traditional high-performance luxury vehicle.”

Karma SC2 Concept car seat belt

Outside of the theoretical and simulated, the SC2 has plenty to offer. The butterfly doors are perhaps the biggest ever done in automotive history, and they open to reveal two seats. The concept car also uses high definition cameras and lidar sensors to capture the car in motion, recreating it in a 3D environment. At the same time, the car captures the data of the drive, including every turn, braking, acceleration and even the playlist you were listening to as well as all the lights, sounds, and air temperature. All that data is used to “recreate” the drive so that it can be played back for you when you park using the car’ adaptive laser projector. In effect, the car is a driving simulator. “Karma’s SC2 is a signpost to our future as a technology-driven brand,” says CEO Lance Zhou. “More than that, it previews our future design language, and is a thought-provoking expression of Karma’s future Intellectual Property and product offerings.” The SC2 is definitely a great performance for the company to build on—they just need to get it out in the real world.

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Karma SC2 Concept car steering wheel

Karma SC2 Concept car

Karma SC2 Concept car door open

Karma SC2 Concept back view

Karma SC2 Concept vehicle