Morgan Motor Co. Celebrates Their 110th Anniversary with Stunning Cars

The Morgan Motor Company has been around for 110 years, and in that time they have put together some very impressive automobiles. They’re celebrating that monumental anniversary by keeping to what has made them famous, namely sporting roadsters that are completely British, and completely brilliant.

morgan motor car side view

The lineup will include three models—the 4/4, the Plus 4, the Roadster, and the 3 Wheeler. The anniversary cars will also feature a new set of colour ranges, including the Sport Range, the Classic Range, and the Metallic Range. Each vehicle will come with plenty of badging celebrating the 110 anniversary. While there’s plenty of new to be excited about, there’s plenty of old to keep up the tradition. The cars will feature plenty of wood and leather and each is hand-built. The body panels are all shaped on ash frames, and the seats are covered in quilted leather. The Moto-Lita steering wheel comes rimmed in either leather or wood.

vehicle morgan motor top

First established in 1909, Morgan Motor Company has remained a family owned automobile manufacturer throughout its 110 year history. Since 1914, Morgans have been built at the Pickersleigh Road site, where craftsmen work in ash, aluminium, and leather to build each car. The site takes advantage of the sloped terrain to create a staggered floor layout, which sends each car through the different stages of manufacturing.

The process has remained largely the same over the past century, with each car coming out a masterpiece.

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