NIO and Razer Combine to Form the ES6 Night Explorer

Racing games have been a mainstay of gaming since the beginning, but the mix of automobile and computer has always stayed in the digital realm. Japanese electric vehicle maker NIO has partnered up with Razer gaming to put together the ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition Vehicle.

Razer ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition Vehicle

The ES6 is a combination of a Razer gaming laptop and an electric SUV. Razer’s influence is easy to see. The neon green branding and the Chroma LED lighting are hard to miss. The car also features Hue lighting and THX Spatial Audio. The gadgets don’t stop there—the car uses NIO’s enhanced displays and other high-tech additions. But it’s not all just looks. The ES6 is a more than capable electric vehicle. It’s capable of 544 horsepower and can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4.7 seconds.

limited edition razer suv vehicle

The car will be limited to just 88 examples and is priced at 467,800 yuan and are only available in China. If that price isn’t within your realm of possibility, you might still get a chance to drive the ES6 thanks to Razer, who is offering test drive experience coupons, along with other prizes, to those who log into their Razer e-commerce platform.

Nio x Razer ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition Vehicle 1

The object behind the project was to “explore integrating Razer Chroma and Hue Lights and THX Spatial Audio with existing automotive technologies, bringing better quality and driving experiences.” It’s pretty obvious that the car is marketed at the gaming crowd, but proving that Razer’s Chroma, Hue, and THX audio works in cars opens a huge realm of possibility for the gaming company. It won’t be long before Razer’s signature neon green is gracing more vehicles. Chroma could easily become a part of lighting effects inside vehicles, enhancing displays and setting the proper driving mood for a more immersive experience. And the addition of a high quality sound system like THX will only increase that immersive quality.

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