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$2.5 Million Pagani Utopia is the Ultimate V12-Engined Analogue Hypercar

In the hypercar world, Pagani has always stood out for its outlandish design layered with a dollop of classic Italian extravagance along with gorgeous craftsmanship. Pagani cars are more like a piece of art and are not dictated by technology or headline-grabbing performance figures. While Rimac, Koenigsegg and Bugatti fight the power wars, Pagani resorts to the old-school way of delivering a hypercar that is bursting at the seams with its infectious personality. We saw it with the Zonda and the Huarya while its third hypercar follows the same philosophy in shunning modern-day complexities in favour of a simple yet delectable recipe.

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Pagani utopia 2

2023 Pagani Utopia | Image: Pagani

The new Pagano Utopia, just like its predecessors, gets a sonorous AMG-developed twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V-12 with 852 horsepower with no electric motor in sight. The Utopia is not a hybrid, nor does it have a complicated double-clutch gearbox. Instead, it gets two options: a seven-speed manual or an automated transmission. Yes, a manual gearbox option with a V12. Where else would you get that?

In a way, the Utopia is a digital detox in the world of hypercars and Horacio Pagani set himself three simple goals with this new car; simplicity, lightness, and the pleasure of driving. Even the name, Utopia has been taken from the philosopher Thomas More’s famous book in 1516 and nicely portrays the direction which Pagani wants to take with this car.

In design terms, the new car is full of active aerodynamics and made from ‘Carbo-Titanium’ while displaying the wizardry in terms of modelling carbon fibre into a sculpture. The shape of the Utopia is also a homage of sorts to the Zonda while also harking back to the jet-age of 1950s design with the streamlined headlamps of Vespa scooters or the fittings of Riva speedboats serving as an inspiration.

Pagani utopia 4

2023 Pagani Utopia | Image: Pagani

The stunning door mirrors and the titanium quad exhausts look more like jewellery pieces rather than functional bits of design. The Utopia also gets large 21-inch wheels at the front and 22-inch wheels at the rear. Pagani has steered clear of adding a large spoiler as instead the streamlined shape itself brings greater downforce and reduces drag solely based on its design.

The interior on the other hand, feels like sitting inside a painting with its myriad of shapes and various design patterns blended with metal. Its automotive design at its peak with some details that we expect from a Pagani like the exposed gear lever mechanism to the analogue instruments with ‘real dials’. There are no big screens though the only big change in the Utopia is the new steering wheel which now incorporates an airbag. Pagani will only make 99 of these bespoke V12 works of art and they are all sold out at $2.5 million.

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2023 Pagani Utopia | Image: Pagani

Pagani utopia 6

2023 Pagani Utopia | Image: Pagani

Pagani utopia

2023 Pagani Utopia | Image: Pagani

Pagani utopia 1

2023 Pagani Utopia | Image: Pagani

Pagani utopia 3

2023 Pagani Utopia | Image: Pagani