Ramsmobile Protos RM-2XD is Blockbuster Worthy

It would be one of those iconic scenes in a Sci-Fi action movie. The film’s hero would step out of a futuristic car, standing tall and looking slightly askance at the camera, perhaps while chewing on a cigar, and holding one of the biggest rifles you’ve ever seen. But you’d have to find the right vehicle to complete the look, and that vehicle would be the Ramsmobile Protos RM-2XD.

Ramsmobile Protos front view

Ramsmobile is probably best known for their work tuning Hummers into true beasts. The customizers refer to the Protos as a “multipurpose hypercar,” and for good reason. The Protos offers supercar performance mixed with a healthy dose of race car speed and topped off with go-anywhere all-terrain capability. But wait, there’s more.

The Protos is a luxury vehicle on the inside, and can be geared up with Kevlar-reinforced armour.

Ramsmobile Protos back view

The Protos’s body is made of carbon composite and has been set on a hydro-pneumatic suspension made with titanium parts. And because variety is the spice of life, Ramsmobile offers three different powertrains for the Protos: gas, diesel, or electric. The gas motor is a General Motors LT5 6.2-liter twin-turbocharged V8.

The 6.6-litre Duramax diesel is also a GM engine and comes with an Allison transmission. Ramsmobile hasn’t shared any details on the electric powertrain, but considering the company it’s keeping, it won’t be a sloucher.

Ramsmobile Protos wheel

The Protos comes with either mud or all-terrain tires and uses dual-bead-lock rims. The part-time four-wheel-drive system is available in either manual or electronic shift-on-the-fly. But that’s not the only means of propulsion. Should all of your tires be deflated—or shot out—the Protos also has a centre track drive that looks like a snowmobile track hidden under the car.

And one more thing. Ramsmobile claims that because of the Protos’s carbon composite construction and light suspension, the “multipurpose hypercar” actually floats on water as well.

Ramsmobile Protos vehicle

Ramsmobile is offering the Protos in four variants—Ascetic, Devil, God, and Ramsider. Pricing, of course, varies, and Ramsmobile hasn’t shared information on that. But when you’re working with a big blockbuster movie budget to get your hero the most amazing car, price doesn’t really matter. The rest of us will have to figure out something else.

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Ramsmobile Protos steering wheel

Ramsmobile Protos dashboard with light

Ramsmobile Protos side view

Ramsmobile Protos RM X2D