Renovated Excellence, The 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT

Sotheby’s auction house has another Aston Martin on the market. This time it is a 1961 DB4GT in a deep sage green with all original parts, interworkings, and has been restored to its former glory.

1961 aston martin front view

Sotheby’s is not listing very much information about the vehicle presently, but the pictures tell the whole story. With a wide variety of shots, we can see that this car is in immaculate condition, freshly painted, meticulously rebuilt, and ready to be taken back out on the road as soon as it finds an owner.

aston martin back view

The majestic shell, chrome features, and circular headlamps are impressive, but nothing exictes us more than when we take a look INSIDE the car. The leather seats appear to be plush and refined, typical of the era and extend well into the floor well, where velvety cloth has been utilized to create an organic look and feel. The metal-fastened, wooden steering wheel is as ornate as it is traditional, doing an excellent job tying in previous elements to a restored vehicle.

top full view aston martin

The gearshift and dials are all original pieces, era-appropriate, and allow you to suspend belief to feel you’re in the 1960s when you sit in the cockpit of this restored beauty. The back seat of the coupe may throw some of our younger readers for a loop as the original bucket seats are still in place and really do look like nothing you would see on lots today.

With original pieces, markings, and an outstanding reinvention, this car is quite a find.

Check it out

steering wheel aston martin

gearshift and dashboard 1961 aston martin

headlamp aston martin

aston martin side view

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