Revisit the 1998 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR

This car was first made just after Mercedes-Benz and AMG solidified their union. When the FIA made it known that they were going to create a line of top-tier GTs whose model would be based upon hyper-limited road cars, the AMG CLK GTR was introduced. Now, 20 years later, Sotheby’s auction house in Monterey, chassis number nine will go up for sale, with an expected price tag between 4.25 and 5.25 million.

front view mercedes benz

In its heyday, the racing version of the CLK GTR won multiple championships, in both 1997 and

1998, only losing 5 of the 22 races that it entered. These cars were powered by a mid-mounted

fully aspirated 6.9-line V12 that cranked out 604 horsepower and had 572 pound feet of torque

to its name. To engineer such solid power, throttle was shifted to the rear wheels through a six

speed manual transmission.

mercedes benz open door

With a hooped rear wing, the CLK GTR looks tough set atop low bodywork and dashed with an oddity of vents and winglets. Of course, the cherry on top was the Mercedes-Benz hood ornament, gracing the front of the beast.

steering wheel and upholstery mercedes benz

Of all the CLK GTRs made, twenty five in total, only five of them were roadsters, while the rest were built as coupes. This particular version was first solid to a private owner in Germany, then in 2005 it was sold once again and moved to Hong Kong. The belly pan has been replaced before that sale, but the original paint, bodywork, and engine remained intact. When moved back to the US in April of 2018, the odometer read 1,439 kilometers.

back view 1998 mercedes benz

More than just a car, this lot also features the original AMG SPS tool chest, original owner’s manual, and even has the manual folio, spare keys, hazard triangle, and torque wrench. It’s hard to find a car of this caliber up for auction, but even harder to find one this complete.

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door open side view mercedes benz

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