Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Collection Revisits a World Record

Recently Rolls-Royce announced their Silver Ghost Collection, which consists of 35 bespoke cars based on the 2019 Rolls-Royce Ghost. The limited run celebrates the feat that was a turning point for the company. In 1907, Rolls-Royce rolled out the first vehicle to be referred to as the Silver Ghost, a name given the car because of its silver paint and silver plating. The car’s official name was actually the 40/50 H.P. The car completed a 14,371 mile voyage without any major breakdowns—a record completely unheard of at the time. Automotive reviewers of the time dubbed the Silver Ghost the “Best Car in the World.”

rolls royce rims

The Silver Ghost Collection honors that feat with extras that will be added to the 35 cars, such as the sterling-silver Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament that is surrounded by a black-gold-plated collar. The collar is a nod to the original as well. Made of hammered copper, the collar represents the copper-laden engine bay of the Silver Ghost. The black grill vanes are a direct homage to the original. Each car will also have an “AX201” hallmark—the original license plate number—and will be numbered 1 to 35. Cassiopeia Silver will be used for the exterior, which will be accented by a hand painted silver coach line. The interior also recalls the Silver Ghost with its Forest Green interior and silver-tipped leather. The clock, made of silver, will also have “Silver Ghost Since 1907” engraved on it.

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rolls royce phantom

rolls royce watch

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