Smart Goes Auto: The BYTON Electric SUV

The BYTON Concept is the newest smart device on the market, but this one can’t fit into your pocket or be plugged into the dorm room. The BYTON Electric SUV was crafted with precise proportions and impressive digital elements. When designing this masterpiece, the innovative automobile company intended the public to acknowledge their work as an SUV, but smarter. A perfect mentality for the world’s first Smart Intuitive Vehicle.

byton electric suv car top

With bold measurements and sleek design, the BYTON SUV breathes modern from hood to trunk. Closed front-end fascia, disappearing door handles, hidden antennas, and a sloping roofline emblazon and impressive exterior.

byton electric suv car back

Inside, it doesn’t fall behind. From the cockpit, you can control side-view cameras, utilize iconic facial recognition scanners, and interact with various other intelligent signature elements that only reinforce the beauty of this design. At the base of the traditional windscreen, there is a 49-inch wall to wall BYTON Shared Experience Display that is activated via voice and motion. No more fumbling with dials or knobs. Keep your hands on 10 and 2 and let the BYTON work for you.

interior byton electric suv car

The best way to appreciate this innovative machine is to experience it for yourself.

Check it out

 byton electric suv car seats with display

steering byton electric suv car with display

men and women standing beside byton electric suv

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