This Camaro ZL1 Modified by Hennessey Performance Will Spin Your Head Around

Aptly named “The Exorcist,” the Camaro ZL1 modified by Hennessey Performance may not make you vomit pea soup—hopefully!—but it will have your head spinning 360 degrees. The ZL1 Camaro base is already a high-performance vehicle, and it looks the part. With curves in all the right places, and a few sharp edged accents, the ZL1 is a sexy ride. The black and red color scheme give the car an elegant but somehow menacing feel.

black camaro zl1 car on the road

While the look of the vehicle will turn heads, the mods will spin heads. After Hennessey’s work is done, the ZL1 produces 1,000 bhp at 6,500 rpm, with an impressive 883 lb-ft of torque (at 4,500 rpm). All that power propels the Exorcist from zero to 60 in under three seconds and through a quarter mile in under 10 seconds, topping speeds out at 217 miles per hour. The Exorcist upgrade list counts 19 different components, including a high-flow supercharger system; ported cylinder heads; upgraded springs and retainers, intake valves and exhaust valves, and upgraded lifters and pushrods…and the list goes on. There are an additional four more upgrades that you can add on.

black camaro zl1 car drive

Production of the Exorcist is limited to just 100 examples, so you know it will be rare to see one of these beauties on the road. The car comes as either a coupe or a convertible, and is a complete turnkey vehicle. The Exorcist is also available as a conversion for those who already own a ZL1 Camaro.

Check it out

 camaro zl1 car with ranges on hand

 camaro zl1 car side view

 camaro zl1 car back side

 camaro zl1 car front side

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