A Three Axle Rolls Royce Vehicle Concept? Why Not!

A new addition to the Bespoke gallery features a “Three Axel” Rolls Royce vehicle concept. The idea originated with the history of extravagant modifications done to Rolls Royces by Indian princes. One such modification was the Rolls Royce swan car commissioned by the Maharaja of Nabha. Another example is the Jonckheere Coupe. The royal families responsible for these vehicles may not be in power any more, but their excesses are still inspiring designers.

axle rolls royce vehicle black

The Three Axel concept came from the question of what would designers come up with if an Indian prince requested a Rolls Royce capable of off roading. The initial thought process revolved around royal carriages of the past—specifically, the war chariot, the racing chariot, and the royal carriage. What this thoughts inspired was a realization that the car would need to be highly maneuverable, fast with plenty of horsepower, and luxurious. The design captures these ideals. The result is what you might expect if a stretch limousine and a Hum-V got together and had a baby. The car has a powerful, almost tank-like look, but, amazingly, still maintains the regal and sophisticated stance that is so uniquely Rolls Royce. The extra axel is interesting addition, but it doesn’t take away from the design. All in all, this concept wouldn’t be out of place climbing rugged terrain, or dropping off passengers at the Taj Mahal.

Check it out

axle rolls royce vehicle back

axle rolls royce vehicle side

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