Volvo Makes Itself Over with the XC40

Volvo has always quietly been one of the finer car companies in the world, but known more for their safety and reliability and less for their attractive design. However, all of that seems to have slowly but surely changed over the past decade – the once daggy marque got some serious street cred. Now with the release of the revamped XC40, Volvo is poised to become one of the most appealing car brands you can pick for your daily driver.

volvo xc40 car steering

Priced at under $40,000 dollars, the XC40 looks like a cross between an X series BMW and a Jeep. It’s spacious, technologically savvy, powerful and generally fun to drive. With 13 Harmon Kardon speakers, a wireless phone charging dock, a dashboard smart screen that can help you navigate, communicate and be entertained, there are few other vehicles on the road that are more technologically adept. With tight handling and a powerful engine, the XC40 feels like it can take corners like a smaller luxury sedan, rather than haul a lot of stuff in the countryside. That said, it has ample storage for long weekend trips to quieter, more rural areas.

Notice we haven’t even mentioned safety and reliability? That’s because we don’t really need to, do we.

Check it out

indicator of volvo xc40 car

inside volvo xc40 car

white color volvo xc40 car

rear view of volvo xc40 car

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