The Winnebago Revel is a Real Off-Road RV

The 4×4 recreational vehicle is a real game changer when you think about it. Sure, the classic RV bus allows you to sleep on the open road, but these vehicles are so bulky, they can’t handle much more than a dirt road with a big turnaround area—which means if you truly want to see anything off the beaten path, you most likely have to hike to it and camp beside it. And at that point, why even have an RV?

winnebago revel window

winnebago revel tv

Which is why the Winnebago Revel might be the most important thing to happen to the RV industry since… well, maybe since Winnebago became a company in the first place. This Mercedes Benz Sprinter Chassis has been outfitted for its performance – a 3 litre turbo diesel with 325 pounds of torque, an on-demand four wheel drive system and a high/low range for off-roading capability—to it’s comfortable, everything you’d need in a cabin interior. This includes 140 cubic feet of gear garage, a power lift bed, a full galley, a 2.5 cubic foot compressor refrigerator, and an all in one wet bath and cassette style toilet that eliminates the need for a black water tank. There’s also a solar power system, diesel heating and a dinette and pull table that converts into a second bed.

It’s the kind of recreational vehicle that makes you never want to leave the great outdoors.

Check it out

winnebago revel kitchen

winnebago revel car back side

winnebago revel car seats

winnebago revel car top view

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