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Trek Madone SLR is the ‘Lightest and Fastest Madone Disc Ever’

Weight and airflow play huge roles in cycling performance. So much so that any drop in weight is huge, and any change in dynamics has to be done in terms of its impact on aerodynamics. Trek’s flagship bike, the Madone SLR, is, according to Trek, “the lightest and fastest Madone Disc ever.”

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Trek madone slr

Trek Madone SLR | Image: Trek

The seventh generation bike is 300 grams lighter, which helps account for an improvement in performance. “Overall, the new Madone SLR is around 60 seconds per hour faster, including the rider,” explains John Davis, an aerodynamicist at Trek. “A ride that would previously have taken you an hour, will now only take you 59 minutes.”

This loss of weight is the result of redesigned tube shapes as well as a re-imagining of the seat tube and top tube juncture. This juncture has received the name “Isoflow,” and has the look of a kite-shaped hole in the seat tube. Reportedly, this design accelerates airflow through the hole as you ride, which purportedly reduces the effect of low pressure zones behind the biker and rider, which lowers overall drag.

Perhaps the only drawback of this design is the lack of adjustability that was present in the previous model’s IsoSpeed system. Aerodynamics are also improved thanks to the new integrated handlebar, which promotes a “more aero riding position.”

Trek is making the 2023 Madone SLR available as a preorder in six different builds with five paint job options for each build. The bikes come with Shimano and SRAM electronic groupsets, and you can purchase framesets for the bike separately. Pricing for the bike starts at $11,399.99 AUD for the Madone SLR 6 and rise up to $17,999.99 for the Madone SLR 9 eTap. As to when the bikes will ship—well, that’s up in the air. “Supply chain remains a significant challenge,” Trek says

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Trek madone slr 2

Trek Madone SLR | Image: Trek