The Jeep Pedal Go-Kart Can ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’

Not everyone can own a Jeep. The cost, age restrictions and licence status are all contributing factors. That’s where Jeep Adventure Pedal Go-Karts comes in. Built by Berg, the Jeep go-karts offer freedom and adventure as well as a rich history for your kids to realise the meaning of Jeep’s motto “Go Anywhere, Do Anything.” Every sports fan wants their children to support the same team so any Jeep enthusiast would want their children to honour the same car make. With Berg’s Jeep Go-Karts they can.

berg jeep bfr pedal go kart full view

The Jeep go-karts are light and compact, allowing kids to travel the narrowest paths with ease. The unique BFR system ensures they can brake with the pedals, and after coming to a halt, they can immediately pedal backwards. There are four models available. Jeep Junior is for the youngest kids but still a tough off road go-kart. The Jeep Adventure is for ages 4-12 and features all-terrain tires. The Jeep Revolution can handle any puddle, and the Revolution BFR-3 features gears! Both are suitable for ages 5+ Go on, spoil your kids this Christmas.

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berg jeep junior go kart

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