2018 indian scout bobber jack daniels edition

2018 Indian Scout Bobber Jack Daniel’s Edition

Rarely, if ever, is it a good idea to combine Jack Daniel’s and motorcycle. Before now that is. Jack Daniel’s has partnered with Indian Motorcycle to create a beautiful collaboration vehicle.

2018 Indian Scout Bobber Jack Daniel’s Edition three quarter front

Image: Indian Motorcycle

As the only distillery in the world with its very own fire brigade, Jack Daniel’s does things a little differently than its competitors. This volunteer-only brigade was the inspiration for the limited-edition bike created by Indian Motorcycle.

2018 Indian Scout Bobber Jack Daniel’s Edition engine

Image: Indian Motorcycle

This bike is a tribute to first responders everywhere as is designed after the Fire Brigade’s world-class firetrucks. Only 177 of these bikes will be built globally and each one will be marked according to its build number in the same style as the “Old No. 7 Brand.”

2018 Indian Scout Bobber Jack Daniel’s Edition accelerator handle

Image: Indian Motorcycle

Staring at 17k the bike is crafted with a subtle matte black paint scheme and all parts have premium blacked-out finishes with the exception of gold trim and accents, which really make the bike pop. All gold on the bike is true 24 karat gold and “Jack Daniel’s” is embroidered in gold thread on several leather applications. The phrase “Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix,” is even included on the front fender as a very helpful and important reminder.

2018 Indian Scout Bobber Jack Daniel’s Edition fuel tank

Image: Indian Motorcycle

At its core, the 2018 Indian Scout Bobber Jack Daniel’s Edition is a beautiful tribute to a group of hard-working individuals that put their life on the line to save others. Beyond that this bike is a bad-ass machine that looks as good as it rides. Although the pairing of whiskey and the road is somewhat unorthodox, the two have been combined in such a way that it works better than it should. This motorcycle is something to behold.

2018 Indian Scout Bobber Jack Daniel’s Edition twin exhaust pipes

Image: Indian Motorcycle

If all of that is not enough, each owner will also take home a custom-engraved Fireman’s axe which is also marked to signify its exclusivity and further drive home the awesome value of this collaboration.

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Side of 2018 Indian Scout Bobber Jack Daniel’s Edition

Image: Indian Motorcycle


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