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EyeRide HUD is a Wearable Smartphone For Motorcyclists

The lack of seatbelt, airbag, metal, glass and rubber between you and the road makes motorcycles one of the more dangerous modes of transportation. Technically speaking, EyeRide HUD doesn’t change any of this, but it does help you and other riders stay connected without being distracted by smartphones which can only be viewed as a good thing.

Created by ex-BMW and Airbus engineers, EyeRide HUD is an all-in-one kit for your motorcycle helmet that combines a head-up display, GPS, hands-free kit and voice commands to keep you informed while your eyes remain focused on the road.

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eyeride hud motorcycle heads up display

EyeRide HUD consists of a small projector that displays essential smartphone features like Google Maps and phone calls on the inside corner of your helmet’s visor. They remain transparent and won’t obscure your vision. A 55mm 99 decibel flat speaker and directional microphone, ensures a powerful sound experience and connectivity with other riders. They even broadcast Spotify and Youtube music for the best possible riding vibes.

The projector uses Sony’s smallest Nano HD OLED Technology which produces true blacks and crisp colours. The Sony tech also features 3000 nits brightness – that’s 3x better performance than an iPhone when used in direct sunlight.

Best of all, this device is incredibly slim and fits perfectly in any helmet. The creators of EyeRide HUD say you only need 128 seconds to install the unit.

eyeride hud heads up display

EyeRide HUD has already passed US, EU and CA regulations, although there’s currently no word regarding Australian road laws. For most riders, this is the perfect way to stay connected and guided by the technology you love without risking a dangerous (and illegal) glance at your phone.

EyeRide comes from France-based company Eye Lights who have been designing heads up displays for cars and motorcycles since 2016. The team decided to fund this latest HUD on Kickstarter where they have so far raked in over AUS $800k. It’s an impressive number, especially when you consider their humble goal of $20k.

You can pre-order your EyeRide HUD on Kickstarter for an early bird price and even add a Bluetooth handlebar remote for added convenience.

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General FAQ

What is a HUD helmet?

EyeRide HUD is a kit attaching to your motorcycle helmet that brings a head-up display, GPS, music and voice commands and is hands-free so you can stay focused on the road.