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Profile of Tarform electric motorcycle

18 Best Electric Motorcycles

The best electric motorcycles have emerged as not just a real sector, but one that’s only getting better. To put it another way: the world is changing and even brands like Harley-Davidson are changing along with it. As such, there are now more electric motorcycles, motorbikes, and scooters than ever before. Powered by electric motors and long-lasting batteries, the top contenders deliver prime speed and premium performance, minus the emissions.

Like their gas-guzzling counterparts, electric motos require a license and entail a certain amount of built-in risk. If you’re having any doubts, maybe start with an electric scooter and work your way up to motorbikes or motorcycles, getting more boost for your buck along the way. Yes, the experience will cost you, but you probably knew that already.

Whether you’re going lightweight or full throttle, we’ve got just the list for you. On it, you’ll find the latest (and greatest) electrical output from brands like Harley Davidson, Vespa, Arc, and more. Rev your energy-efficient engines because here is a list of the best electric motorcycles money can buy.

18 best electric motorcycles harley davidson livewire
Harley-Davidson LiveWire | Image: LiveWire

1. Harley-Davidson LiveWire

What was beginning to seem like a pipe-dream became a reality in August of 2019, when Harley-Davidson finally unveiled LiveWire. Under its sleek skin is one of the best electric motorcycle motors in the business, along with a powerful 15.5 kWh battery. The bike promises a “jolt of zen” and mostly delivers, going from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds flat, and cranking up to 146 miles of range out of a single charge.

Battery Capacity: 15.5 kWh
Range: 146 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 95 mph
Weight: 549 lbs

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Zero SR motorcycle
Zero SR | Image: Zero Motorcycle

2. Zero SR

If you’re having trouble letting go of gas-guzzlers, the Zero SR will put at least some of those concerns to rest. Between its formidable build, sleek design, and top speed of 102 mph, this electric motorcycle leaves relatively little to be desired. The base model battery lasts for 179 miles (in the city) per single charge, while upgrades are available for a premium.

Battery Capacity: 14.4 kWh
Range: 179 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 102 mph
Weight: 414 lbs

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Energica Ego motorcycle
Energica Ego | Image: Energica Motor

3. Energica Ego

Energica hails from the same Italian town as Vespa, but don’t you dare confuse this costly electric moto for a scooter. On the contrary, the Ego is a genuine powerhouse, which can generate up to 136 hp and hit 60 mph in three seconds flat. Aimed primarily at urban adults, it also features Bluetooth connectivity, a curvy aesthetic, and a top speed of 150 mph. The battery powers up in no time, but offers just 93 miles of range per single charge.

Battery Capacity: 13.4 kWh
Range: 93 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 149 mph
Weight: 585 lbs

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Brutus V9 motorcycle
Brutus V9 | Image: Brutus Motorcycle

4. Brutus V9

Weighing in at a whopping 780 pounds, the Brutus V9 is a brute indeed (in a good way). Pair that with its muscular design, decent top speed, and groundbreaking range of 280 miles and you might be ready to go electric after all. In fact, the only thing missing from this top electric motorcycle is the roar of an exhaust system.

Battery Capacity: 18.8 kWh
Range: 280 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 115 mph
Weight: 784 lbs

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Johammer J1.200 motorcycle
Johammer J1.200 | Image: Johammer

5. Johammer J1.200

Electric motos are the future and Johammer is taking that concept to heart. Enter the J1.200, which looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and performs with purposeful precision. Bolstered by innovative energy technology, it comes in lightweight and coasts for up to 124 miles on a single charge. Driving home the futuristic vibe are high-resolution colour displays on the rear-view mirrors. More electric motorbike than motorcycle, it makes for a bona fide eye-catcher.

Battery Capacity: 12.7 kWh
Range: 124 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 75 mph
Weight: 390 lbs

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Tacita T-Race Diabolika motorcycle
Tacita T-Race Diabolika | Image: Tacita Motorcycles

6. Tacita T-Race Diabolika

Italy-based Tacita has since moved on from the T-Race Diabolika, but this flashy electric motorcycle nevertheless remains the stuff of legend. Featuring carbon and Kevlar reinforcement, an elegant body with gold-trimmed exterior, and a five-speed gearbox, the sexy stunner achieves top-tier responsiveness and draws eyeballs in the process.

Battery Capacity: 10.6 kWh
Range: 100 miles depending on use
Weight: 390 lbs

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Damon Hypersport Premier motorcycles
Damon Hypersport Premier | Image: Damon Motorcycles

7. Damon Hypersport Premier

Damon’s Hypersport HS won an Innovation Award at this year’s CES and with good reason. Thanks to radical “Shift” technology, the protean sportbike takes on the qualities of a literal transformer. At the mere push of a button, riders can adjust various features and even change the bike’s overall configuration.

The newly introduced Hypersport Premier cranks that customisation dial even higher, employing limited edition builds of its distinguished predecessor. High-end components, sharper dynamics, and a sleeker design language are also part of the package. The brand is currently taking reservations and these bad boys can’t come soon enough.

Battery Capacity: 21.5 kWh
Range: 200+ miles depending on use
Top Speed: 200 miles-per-hour
Weight: Under 440 lbs

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Vespa Elettrica motorcycle
Vespa Elettrica | Image: Vespa

8. Vespa Elettrica

Vespa’s first all-electric scooter goes by the name of Elettrica and it looks downright fantastic. Quick to charge and effortless to ride, the glorious vehicle emanates with pure practicality. Hop aboard and traverse the nearest terrain with unfettered ease, turning heads as you cruise at a moderate speed. This one is perfect for urban dwellers.

Battery Capacity: 3.95 kWh
Range: 62 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 32 mph
Weight: 287 lbs

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Gogoro Smartscooter S2 Adventure motorcycle
Gogoro Smartscooter S2 Adventure | Image: Gogoro

9. Gogoro Smartscooter S2 Adventure

Gogoro’s toughest and sportiest S2 to date, the S2 Adventure Smartscooter touts a robust build and expanded rear rack. Thanks to improved ground clearance, a specially designed suspension, and a powerful drivetrain, the electric scooter is ready for any and every terrain. Additional features include side-panel racks, protective front bars, waterproof travel panniers, and an aluminium floor mat. Your next road trip awaits.

Range: 105 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 57 mph
Weight: 243 lbs

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Honda PCX ELECTRIC motorcycle
Honda PCX ELECTRIC | Image: Honda


What the Honda PCX ELECTRIC lacks in power and speed, it makes up for in comfort, mobility, and control. Equipped with a newly developed, eco-friendly power unit, the electric motorcycle flaunts a dependably sleek design. It’s being rolled out in preciously limited supply through rental and bike-sharing sectors. Should it generate a positive response, Honda will bring more electric goodness to the masses.

Battery Capacity: 4.2 kWh
Range: 25.5 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 59.7 mph
Weight: 317.5 lbs

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Alta Motors Redshift MXR
Alta Motors Redshift MXR | Image: Alta Motors

11. Alta Motors Redshift MXR

Alta Motors is either out of business or on hiatus, but its iconic Redshift MXR lives on. The electric motorbike comes in light at just 259 pounds and cracks 65 mph at a breakneck pace. Powering this race-worthy two-wheeler is a compact battery and streamlined engine. Get it before it’s gone forever.

Battery Capacity: 5.8 kWh
Range: 60 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 65 mph
Weight: 259 lbs

Victory Empulse TT motorcycle
Victory Empulse TT | Image: Victory

12. Victory Empulse TT

Like Alta Motors, Victory hasn’t exactly been active in 2019, but don’t let that detract from the Empulse TT’s legacy. A well-above-average entry, it offers a range of 140 miles per electrical charge and tops out at 110 mph. The Brammo Lithium-ion battery delivers an impressive 10.4 kWh capacity, and powers up in four hours or less. Meanwhile, an AC magnet motor keeps the whole operation running smoothly.

Battery Capacity: 10.4 kWh
Range: 60 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 100+ mph
Weight: 470 lbs

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Lito Sora motorcycle
Lito Sora | Image: Lito

13. Lito Sora

Formerly available for the electrical price of US$77,000 (and up), the Lita Sora is what one might call a designer e-motorbike. It was first introduced in 2014 and now a second-generation model is on the way. The original—which was billed as the world’s first electric cruiser—hosted advanced features like keycard ignition, touchscreen control, and adjustable seating. Generation 2 will (presumably) bring all that and more.

Battery Capacity: 12 kWh
Range: 120 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 120 mph
Weight: 573 lbs

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Lightning LS-218 motorcycle
Lightning LS-218 | Image: Lightning Motorcycles

14. Lightning LS-218

True to its name, the Lightning LS-218 is widely considered to be the world’s fastest electric moto. Just how fast, you ask? Try 0 to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds and a ridiculous top speed of 218 mph. Consider it living proof that electric motorcycles can and will keep pace with their gas-guzzling counterparts. The base model comes with a 380V 12 kwh battery pack while two upgrades are available.

Battery Capacity: 12 kWh
Range: 120 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 218 mph
Weight: 495 lbs

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Lightning Strike motorcycle
Lightning Strike | Image: Lightning Motorcycles

15. Lightning Strike

Lightning Motorcycles is doing such great things with electric vehicles that we’re including them twice. The brand is currently taking reservations for the Lightning Strike Carbon Edition, an affordable two-wheeler that promises steadfast specs and comes in a handful of colours. Should this one finally emerge, it will definitely leap to the head of the pack.

Range: 150 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 150 mph

Reserve it here

Cake Kalk motorcycle
Cake Kalk | Image: CAKE

16. Cake Kalk

Cake’s first road-legal e-motorcycle is one of the best in the game. The baseline specs are dependable enough, but if you fall in love with this ride, it’s mostly because of its slim and industrial design. There’s really nothing else quite like it!

Battery Capacity: 2.6 kWh
Range: 83 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 56 mph
Weight: 174 lbs

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Tarform motorcycle
Tarform | Image: Tarform

17. Tarform

Inspired by classic café racers, Tarform’s self-titled e-moto goes big on customisable features, including the finish, materials, and battery pack. Thanks to built-in smart functions, this thing gets electrical in more ways than one, delivering health metrics, maintenance notifications, and more. Pair all that with a somewhat affordable price and you have no reason not to pre-order this shape-shifting beast.

Battery Capacity: 9 kWh
Range: 90 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 95 mph
Weight: 350 lbs

Pre-order it here

Arc Vector motorcycle
Arc Vector | Image: Arc Vehicle

18. Arc Vector

Forward-thinking in more ways than one, the Arc Vector combines a futuristic design with impressive specs. It goes from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds and covers up to 270 miles on a single charge. Providing further distinction are an advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) and HUD-based Arc Pilot System, which collectively take feedback and responsiveness to unprecedented extremes. Bear that in mind when you first see the 117k price tag.

Battery Capacity: 16.8 kWh
Range: 270 miles depending on use
Top Speed: 125 miles-per-hour
Weight: 485 lbs

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General FAQ

What is the fastest electric motorcycle?

The fastest road-legal electric motorcycle is the Lightning LS-218, which goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 218 mph.

How far can an electric motorcycle go?

The range of an electric motorcycle varies from one model to the next, and correlates to the battery pack. Some models deliver just 60 miles of range while others deliver up to 280 miles of range.

Do you need licence for electric motorcycle?

As with a regular motorcycle, you need a legal driver's license to ride an electric motorcycle.

What companies make electric motorcycles?

Numerous companies are making electric motorcycles, motorbikes, and scooters in 2019. That includes Harley-Davidson and Vesper, among others.

Who makes the best electric motorcycle?

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire, Energica Ego, Lightning LS-218, and Arc Vector are some of the best electric motorcycles in the world.

Which electric motorcycle has the longest range?

Able to ride for up to 280 miles on a single charge, the Brutus V9 is currently the electric motorcycle with the most range.

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