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KTM x Brabus 1300 R: Super-Tuner’s First-Ever Motorcycle

If you’re a fan of custom-tuned Mercedes-Benz, then you’re no doubt familiar with Brabus. Of late, Brabus has been venturing out, including a recent exploration of boats. Now they’ve turned their attention to motorcycles, creating a custom bike based on the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Evo.

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Brabus 1300 r 4

Image: Brabus

To create the KTM x Brabus 1300 R, the garage took the highly technical “naked bike” from KTM as a starting point. And that proved to be a wise decision, especially because of the bike’s already existent V-Twin engine that is capable of 180 horsepower and 140Nm of torque. The bike also already comes equipped with Semi-Active Suspension Technology, which lets the bike easily adapt to either street or sport driving.

From those starter blocks, Brabus went to work on the bike, adding two signature paint schemes and a custom heated seat (the grips are also heated, making this a comfortable ride even on those cold days). The bike was also upgraded with forged Brabus Monoblock Z wheels. Steering was improved CNC-machined triple clamps. The adjustable foot pegs and hand levers, as well as the caps for the oil tank and the master cylinder reservoirs, also came from the CNC.

Brabus 1300 r

Image: Brabus

Body elements were replaced with high-end carbon parts, as were the air intakes. A custom round LED headlamp also made it onto the bike. The exhaust is a double-piped slip-on affair and is branded with Brabus 1300 R branding. Brabus also added a carbon belly pan.

All those additions also make an addition to the price tag. You can pick up a standard KTM for $19,599. The Brabus 1300 R more than doubles that cost, bumping the price up to $46,800. If that cost enhancement doesn’t scare you away, you can pick up one of the KTM x Brabus 1300 R motorcycles exclusively from KTM.

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Brabus 1300 r 1

Image: Brabus

Brabus 1300 r 3

Image: Brabus