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american express platinum card

Is an American Express Platinum Card Worth it?

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The illustrious Platinum Card is a ticket to more than just an easy way to pay: it’s a club that benefits its members, and offers an easier way of living for those who are too busy to spend their time lost in the details. Now, after much anticipation, American Express has revamped its coveted Platinum Charge Card in Australia, and for the first time on antipodean shores: it’s made out of metal.

Previously, cardholders would need to be a member of the highly exclusive Centurion program (aka the American Express Black Card), if they desired a card made from the Earth’s minerals as opposed to plastic in their wallet.

The monochromatic sliver of metal is a noticeably premium upgrade from its younger, more ductile sibling, and the benefits rewarded to those who get their name emblazoned across the face of one are continuing and luxuriously practical. In short: this is more than just a fancier way to pay; American Express has got your back in work and play.

As equally suited to everyday life as it is to ongoing business needs, the attention to detail that American Express has put into its new Aussie offering is what sets it apart from many of the other cards available, in what is a saturated and noisy marketplace. By making life easier, American Express has found a practical way to provide its Card Members with not just a way to pay, but a service that gives them more of what they need.

Take their travel insurance for example. What was once an inclusion for Primary Card Members, they’ve now extended it to up to four additional Card Members, as well as partners and dependent children. This isn’t just an obvious money-saver, it’s peace of mind when you jump on a plane with your family, and a surefire way to stymie any last-minute panicked purchases for cover after touchdown.

There’s also an annual Travel Credit of AUD$450 (AUD$150 more than it used to be), as well as the ability to transfer points to 10 major airlines from American Express’s Airline Rewards Partner Program, including Qantas Frequent Flyer. Other travel benefits include access to their Fine Hotels + Resorts program and the Elite Tier Status you get with hotel programs, which can score you room upgrades, early check in and late check out.

New cardholders will also have the opportunity to score 120,000 bonus membership rewards points by applying before August 30, and spending more than AUD$1500 a month for the first three months. There’s some very practical perks (how does $500 smartphone screen replacement insurance sound when you use your Platinum Card to pay for your smartphone, either outright or on a monthly contract?).

You’ll also receive access to exclusive dining, sporting and fashion events, and a complimentary digital subscription to the Australian Financial Review, worth AUD$628 per year. Platinum Concierge is there to assist you 24/7, including helping you design incredible itineraries for unique travel experiences and unforgettable round-the-world trips, all with a simple phone call. There are several protections included with the card for refunds and online fraud, so that no matter where you use the card to pay, you can do so with the confidence that you’re not going to be left with a headache.

At AUD$1,450 per year in fees (AUD$1,750 for the Platinum Business), this is not the cheapest card on the market. And it’s not supposed to be: this is a tailored, luxury product that has been refined and considered for the modern traveller, who wants to spend more of their time overseas with a martini in one hand and a good book in the other, and less time planning, chasing tickets and stressing over the details. And when you weigh up all of these benefits, this is really good value.

So what does it take to get your moniker stamped across the front of one of these coveted platinum tickets? It’s far less hoop-jumping than you may think.

To be eligible, applicants must be over 18 years of age and either an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. Apart from that, a clean credit history and an annual income of over AU $100k will get you on the path to your very own Platinum American Express. They’ve even improved their online application system, so completing one takes under 10 minutes, and can be approved in as little as 60 seconds.

In short, American Express has put a lot of effort into making a product that has a lot of benefits, making it a premium card that is accessible to those who wish to join in.

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