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10 Best 8D Audio Songs to Blow Your Mind | Man of Many

The term 8D music, or 8D audio refers to the effect some producers are using in the post-production process. Essentially, the 8D audio sound is created when an automated panning effect alternating from left to right is added to the final mix of a song. For the uninitiated, panning is the ability to distribute the sound on different audio channels. Take your regular headphones, they have two physical channels: left and right. You can pan the sound all the way to the left or the right or, you can choose a specific sound to be played by one or the other earphone. With 8D audio, this rotating audio structure simulates the feel of moving circles around your head, fully immersing you in the experience. Further, a reverb effect is also added to make it seem like the audio is coming from a live concert.

What is 8D Music?

On a physiological level, the 8D audio effect attempts to mimic the sensation of hearing a binaural recording. This process involves placing sounds in space relative to a human’s head (rather than normal stereo recordings, which can only direct sound to the left and right speaker channels). Binaural audio is created by recording through multiple microphones that have been placed in the same orientation as our ears, creating a form of a delay (or “phase”). This refers to the speed at which a single sound reaches those two mics creates the illusion of directional audio once played back.

How Does 8D Audio Work?

Chances are, over the last few days some of your friends would have messaged you saying something along the lines of “Listen to this song but make sure you put both headphones on!”. If you haven’t got the message yet, it’s definitely coming. 8D audio is blowing up at the moment, with YouTube being the biggest marketplace for 8D music. The reason it’s getting so huge comes down to the psychological effect of the final result. People describe listening to 8D audio as a mix of teleportation and the feeling of total weightlessness, all the way through to an out of body experience similar to getting high.

The Effect of 8D Music

Whatever you experience, the best 8D audio is the one that stimulates an emotional and psychological response. Here is a list of the 10 best 8D audio songs that will blow your mind.

10 Best 8D Audio Songs to Blow Your Mind

Artist: AViVA
Songwriters: Jayson M. Dezuzio / David Charles Snyder / Aviva Payne / Jp Fung / Matthew Coulter
Released: 2019
Genre: Pop

1. AViVA – Blackout

Artist: Juice Wrld
Album: Lucid Dreams
Released: 2018
Genre: Pop, Hip Hop, Rap
Nominations: MTV Video Music Award for the Best Song of the Summer, Billboard Music Award for Top Streaming Song, Billboard Music Award for Top 100 Song, Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Song

2. Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams

Artist: Besomorph & Biometrix
Released: 2020
Genre: Pop, Cinematic

3. Besomorph & Biometrix – Wilted (feat. Bolshiee)

Artists: Khalid, Normani
Album: Love Lies
Released: 2018
Genre: R&B/Soul
Awards: Teen Choice Award for Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Song

4. Khalid & Normani – Love Lies

Artist: Pentatonix & Aviion
Album: A Pentatonix Christmas
Original Released: 2016
Remix Released: 2018
Genre: A Cappella, Remix

5. Pentatonix – Hallelujah (Aviion Remix)

Artist: Billie Eilish & Synicaal
Album: Ocean Eyes
Originally Released: 2016
Remix Released: 2018
Genre: Alternative/Indie

6. Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes (Synicaal Remix)

Artist: Travis Scott & Skrillex
Featured artists: Drake, Swae Lee, Big Hawk
Album: Astroworld
Released: 2018
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Awards: BET Award for Best Collaboration, Billboard Music Award for Top Streaming Song (Audio)

7. Travis Scott & Skrillex – SICKO MODE (Skrillex Remix)

Artist: 6ix9ine
Featured artist: Tory Lanez
Remix Artist: Trillion
Album: Dummy Boy
Released: 2018
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

8. 6ix9ine & Tory Lanez – KIKA (Trillion Remix)

Artist: Marshmello
Album: Alone
Features on: 8D Tunes
Released: 2016
Genre: Future bass
Length: 4:33 (original mix); 3:20 (radio edit)

9. Marshmello – Alone

Artists: Imagine Dragons, To The Stars
Album: Believer
Released: 2017
Remix Released:
: Pop rock, Dance/Electronic

10. Imagine Dragons – Believer

8D audio and 8D music aren’t new by any means, but the technology that producers use to simulate the sensory experience is getting better. With more people staying at home and looking for innovative ways to tackle boredom, you can expect to see a lot more 8D music come out. Who knows? The best 8D music might still be yet to come.

The Wrap-Up on 8D Audio

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