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Best Sleep Tracking Apple Watch Apps
NapBot is pretty much exactly as it sounds, a bot for tracking your naps or aka sleep. It automatically tracks and records your sleep but better yet, it also actively monitors ambient noise while you’re alseep to see if you’re being interrupted by any loud noises at night (don’t worry, it doesn’t record any sound). The paid version offers ‘Sleep History’ and ‘Sleep Trends’ to get a better sense of how you’re tracking over time. It also integrates with Apple Health. We love the look of the simple, easy to understand charts.
1. NapBot
Pillow is one of the best apple watch sleep trackers on the market with an interface very similar to Apple’s own Activity app although it simply tracks you while you are alseep. It not only measures the quality of your sleep you’re getting but uses that information to gently buzz you awake at an optimum time. Similar to NapBot, it also syncs with Apple Health.
2. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker
The AutoSleep tracker delivers more information than you could ever ask for and is among the most in-depth sleep tracking apps in the App Store. The apple watch app is organised into three key areas: Sleep (how long you slept for); Quality (how restless you were); and Readiness (how ready you are to cope with the day ahead). Similar to Pillow, it’s interface also shares a familiarity with Apple’s Activity app and also works as a complication for your chosen watch face.
3. AutoSleep Tracker
Best Health & Fitness Apple Watch Apps
For those wondering when a quality fitness app would finally rear its head, wonder no more because Strava is here to serve your running and cycling needs. Undoubtedly one of the most popular and best free Apple Watch apps, Strava records your milestones with painstaking precision, and also connects you with like-minded fitness freaks.
4. Strava
As the only Apple Watch app that delivers real time vector maps while you run, ski, bike or hike, WorkOutDoors brings whole new meaning to the concept of fitness tracking. Of course, it also measures your vitals and tracks your stats as well, making this top app a must-have for all the exercise lovers out there.
5. WorkOutDoors
Pass the time and simultaneously sharpen those brain muscles by instaling the Peak app on your Apple Watch. The acclaimed app offers 40 unique games, each one developed in partnership with neuroscientists in order to best challenge your memory, creativity, problem solving skills and more.
6. Peak Brain Training
If character building is your thing, then Standland is your app. The addictive app not only allows you to create lovable animals, but it rewards you for performing physical activities in the real world. That’s called win/win.
7. Standland
Now supporting all generations of Apple Watch, the Nike+ Run Club is the foremost fitness app from the world’s foremost fitness brand. Accordingly, the app offers a bevy of features, such as personalised audio guides, rewards for your achievements, tracking, storage, and leaderboards if you feel like competing. The best Apple Watch apps don’t get much better than this!
8. Nike+ Run Club
Best Travel Apple Watch Apps
Easily one of the best Apple Watch apps, Citymapper injects you directly into the bloodstream of any given city. That means providing real-time train and subway departures, disruption alerts, transportation maps and so much more. You’re not adequately connected to your surrounding urban terrain until you’ve got this top smartwatch app at your disposal!
9. Citymapper
One of the potential annoyances of travelling the world is getting sidetracked by all the various currency exchange rates. Thanks to Elk Travel Currency Converter, those annoyances are a thing of the past. The legendary app knows exactly where you are and accordingly delivers instant exchange rates. To raise or lower the value, simply swipe left or right. It’s that easy.
10. Elk Travel Currency Converter
Providing a resolute answer to the perennial question of “are we there yet?” is the ETA app. The handy resource gives you an accurate (albeit approximate) time of arrival at your next destination. Additionally, you can share the app with friends and loved ones so that they know just when to expect you.
11. ETA
Granting you swift access to 38 languages at the drop of a voice command is the iTranslate Converse app. To use the app, simply tap the screen and speak the word or phrase you want translated. In no time at all, the app brings you accurate results, making it a no-brainer inclusion on your next overseas trip.
12. iTranslate Converse
Ride-sharing plus smartwatches equals a whole lot of convenience. That’s why the Lyft app is one of the best you can use. It allows you to hail a ride with the tap of a button, split the cost with friends, tip your driver and more. Getting around has never been so easy.
13. Lyft
The incredibly awesome Night Sky app packs the power of a planetarium inside a brilliantly small package. Not only does the top smartwatch app identify stars, planets and constellations above your head, it now comes with an augmented reality platform (for an additional cost), allowing you to bring the galaxy itself down to ground level.
14. Night Sky
Lets keep that fitness momentum going strong with the stellar ViewRanger app. This award-winning app offer best-in-class maps and trail guides to an endless swath of hiking trails and bike paths. If you get lost in the wilderness with this app at your disposal, it’s because you want to.
15. ViewRanger
Money conversion doesn’t get any easier than the Currency app, which provides exchange rates for over 150 currencies, and works offline. It’s been the #1 currency app since 2008 and has no reason to stop now.
16. Currency
Whether you’re craving the best in beauty, food, apparel, booze or so much more, the Yelp app is your friend. It has literally millions of reviews on literally millions of businesses. It can’t guarantee that your next experience won’t disappoint, but it can certainly increase the odds in your favour.
17. Yelp
Best Gaming Apple Watch Apps
Proving that some things simply never go out of style, A Tiny Game of Pong brings one of the first computer games back to life by way of one of the best gaming apple watch apps there is. The premise couldn’t be simpler: try to keep the ball from getting past your side of the screen by using a tiny bar. Compete against friends or against the watch itself, and prepare to get hooked.
18. A Tiny Game of Pong
Think you’ve got good Crack? Give Trivia Crack a go. The Apple Watch app game is a basic version of one of your favourites, Trivial Pursuit. Best yet, you play against another opponent online and can choose from six categories of questions.
19. Trivia Crack
A successor to the original Lifelife, this Apple Watch game follows the story of a young woman named Arika on a quest to rescue her long-lost brother and avenger her parents’ death, You’ll have to answer multiple-choice questions to keep her alive and help her along her quest.
20. Lifeline 2
Best Sports Apple Watch Apps
The #1 sports app is also one of the best Apple Watch apps, period. We’re speaking, of course, of the ESPN app, which offers instant access to scores and updates from the wide world of professional and collegiate sports. Also featured are stories, videos, and live audio streams.
21. ESPN
Hol19 is everyone golfer’s companion providing you with information such as distance to the green and the par of the hole. You’ll need the accompanying iPhone app started up before you play though. You can also keep a track of your score by entering your strokes and putts.
22. Hole19 Golf GFP & Scoring
Best Weather Apple Watch Apps
Frequently touted as the best weather app for your Apple Watch, Dark Sky Weather delivers up-to-the-hour weather updates by way of a supremely approachable layout. With this top app on your wrist, you’ll never get stuck in downpour again.
23. Dark Sky Weather
Best Productivity Apple Watch Apps
True to its name, Just Press Record makes mobile audio recording an absolute breeze. All it takes is one tap to start recording, and another to pause. Use your iOS device to share recordings, or keep them all to yourself. Also featured is the ability to transcribe your voice memo to text, as well as the option to store your recordings on the cloud. All that and more makes this one of the best Apple Watch apps you can instal.
24. Just Press Record
For decades now, PowerPoint has remained a cornerstone in the world of business presentation. Thanks to the Microsoft PowerPoint app, you don’t have to lug a laptop into the boardroom. Instead, load the presentation onto your iPhone and use your Apple Watch as a remote of sorts. Easy, breezy.
25. Microsoft PowerPoint
Remember back in the 90s when everyone was talking about Bill Gates’ ability to remotely adjust the lighting inside every single room in his mansion? Not just the brightness, but the colours as well? Thanks to Philips Hue Lighting and the Huemote app, you can be just like Bill Gates. Who wouldn’t want that?
26. Huemote
One of the app game’s earliest trend-setters is still going insanely strong. Use Shazam to quickly identify the song that’s playing nearby, or risk having it bug you for hours that you didn’t check.
27. Shazam
The best podcast app comes to your wrist and it still remains one of the best ways to stay on top of your podcast feeds. As with other podcast apps, you need to have the accompanying iPhone app, but the Apple Watch app allows you access to handy features like playback control, speed control, silence trimming and, of course, volume control.
28. Pocket Casts
Best Money Apple Watch Apps
Not every one of us can afford a personal money manager, and thanks to the Mint app, not every one of us needs one. The wildly popular app saves time and money by helping you budget, manage bills, avoid fees and stay on top of your credit score. It’s all swift, secure and wildly popular.
29. Mint
Manage your finances down to the last penny with the Pennies budgeting app. It tracks your spending and helps you determine whether or not you can realistically afford that next big purchase you keep clamouring on about. There’s no limit to the number of budgets you can implement, and the app works with multiple currencies.
30. Pennies
The Apple Watch Series 5 is their latest generation smartwatch featuring all the same features from previous versions including waterproofing and built-in GPS, plus a few added features. It has a larger display, upgraded S4 processor with W3 wireless chip, an electrical heart sensor on the digital crown. It also offers an Always-On display, built-in compass and comes in two different size options at 40mm and 44mm.
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